Cameras and crew

For a set with the 4K-HD, SONY PXW-FS7, PAL and NTSC camera with Arri lights. Including a cameraman and a soundman with all his audio gear. 3 Microphones, 2 wire-less microphones, boom, mixer and other extra’s, see link equipment. This will be for example €985.

“I had a pretty good idea about how the report should look like, but I had no idea who to contact in The Netherlands and where to go. Because of there good contacts in The Netherlands and the perfect organisation of Gest & de Ruiter, our shootings went perfect. They helped me enormously with finding the right filmspot and the right people to interview.” – Dirk Schraeder, Journalist ARD and WDR3

In combination with other camera’s we can offer you a special price if we know the camera you would like to use.

Overtime after 10 hours per crew member is only €40 per hour.

Our General Conditions apply to all our transactions. Our General Conditions are registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam with number 33165587.


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